Electrical Wiring

electrical wiring hanging out of a car Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring in your vehicle connects all the devices together so your vehicles features, such as radio,  wipers, air con, lights etc  all work. Its a complex design and with one wrong or bad wire connection it can cause problems with in your vehicle.

Corroded wires, a bad earth fault or a bag plug connection can cause any of the devices to stop working, we’ve even had the odd rodent build a nest inside the hood and eat the electrical wiring.

So if you notice your lights aren’t working, your radio cuts in and out or a speaker is out you may find that its the wiring component. At Lance Auto Electrics we specialise in automotive electrical wiring and will be able to fix and repair any fault.

If your re-furbishing a car and need your whole electrical wiring done, we are the place to call. Contact us today on 9458 2239.

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