Safety Restraint Systems – Air Bags and Seat Belts

Air Bags:

air bag

Did you know? When deployed in a crash, airbags significantly reduce the chance of death or serious injury.

That is why it is EXTREMELY important to bring your car in as soon as any airbag or warning nights light up. If there is any fault in sensor, wiring or air bag it may not deploy in a crash.

Our technicians will place your vehicle on the scanner, then fix, repair or replace any faults with the system.

Seat Belts:

Did you know?  In nearly 20% of all fatalities on Australian roads, no seat belt was being worn.

As the driver you are responsible for each person in your vehicle to wear a seat belt, which is why an audible seat belt reminders are valuable devices that encourage all occupants to wear their seat belts and alert the driver when someone does not have their belt on.

If this device is fault you may have a warning light on your dash, be sure to bring your vechicle in straight away for repair. Call us today on 9458 2239 

Our Lance Auto Electrics family really care about the safety of our customers and want you to know all the FACTS there are in road safety, especially air bags and seat belts.

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