Log Book Servicing


Log Book Servicing

Our qualified technicians are trained to professionally in log book servicing of your vehicle. Don’t let your service fall behind, and void yourlog book servicing new car warranty. Lance Auto Electricians will check, change and regulate your engine using the most update to date computer technology.

Each Log Book servicing is different depending on the kilometers the car has traveled, then our technicians will service the vehicle according to the manufacturers guidelines.

Why do I need Log Book Servicing?

Caring for your car saves money! By caring for your car regularly problems are likely to be caught early on when they are cheaper to fix. Your car will have a better re sale value and live a longer life. A well maintained car runs more efficiently that can save you money on fuel.

Dashboard Messages


Dashboard messages are very important and may be warning you of an issue in your car including braking system, engine, oil, coolant levels and tyre pressure. These messages are not to be dismissed, to avoid further damage to your vehicle bring it in for us to check it out.

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