Power Window Repairs

Power Windows

Have your power windows stopped working? You may need a repair or event a mechanism replaced. At Lances we can repair all power windows faults. Don’t get stuck this summer with sticky windows, get our qualified auto electricians to fix them today. If your switches are faulty we will replace and get that fresh breeze blowing through your hair again. power windows buttons

Have you got manual windows?

Universal Power Windows can be installed into any car, truck or van. All parts, wiring and switches are included to convert any manual windows to Power Windows. If your car does not yet have power windows, contact us today on 9458 22 39 so we can replace your old hand powered windows to easy and effortless powered ones.

At Lance Auto’s we offer the following services:

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If we haven’t displayed the service you are looking for in the list above, please contact us to ask if it’s available. We like to assist our customers in all auto motive repairs. We value our customers vehicles and take pride in our work. Being an auto electrician in Cannington we see a range of automobiles from manufacturers all around the world, old and new, high performance and modifications, commercial and more.

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