Reversing System and Cameras

A Reversing System can be a very helpful assistant when reversing or reverse parking. A camera system can allow you to view the blind spot behind your vehicle which means you can spot and potentially prevent harmful situations.  There are a few different systems we can install on your vehicle from an audible feedback system to a reversing camera system.

The following Reversing Systems are available:

  • Reversing Sensor Kit (Display)
  • Reversing Senor Kit (Buzzer)
  • Trailer Sensor
  • Reversing System Screen 1
  • Reversing System Screen 2
  • System Camera 1
  • System Camera 2
  • System Camera 3

We can assist you in finding what system you would like installed by explaining how they work. We can show you the advantages of each system and help you decided which will suit your lifestyle.

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Click here to go to the Road Safety Commission website

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